WFG for You

Investment planning is for everyone—no matter if you’re just starting out or are on the road to retirement! Through every stage in life, Winters Financial Group provides services for your specific goals.



You’re new to juggling finances and we’re here to help! Our extensive resources and experience get you going with solid investment awareness and budgeting, whether that is as simple as strategizing your cash flow, creating debt reduction plans, or maxing out your employer benefits. And have you started thinking about your financial future? Age 65 might be a LONG way off, but compounding interest has significant long-term benefits—and the earlier you start, the better!



With greater responsibilities comes greater risk navigation. Are you expecting your first child? Have you thought about life insurance? Are you in the market to buy a home? How will the mortgage impact your lifestyle? Whether you’re in uncharted waters or just want a better grip on your current (and future) financial freedom, Winters Financial Group has a plan for you.

<b>40-early retirement</b>

40-early retirement

By now, you’ve laid the foundation and it’s time to stay the course. From asset management to investment strategy to insurance protection, you continue to do your due diligence towards your retirement... but what happens if life gets in the way? Are your children heading towards college or perhaps your loved ones are in need of assistance? Winters Financial Group has the know-how to adapt your personal needs to the market without jeopardizing your retirement.



The time has come—you’re ready to retire. Is everything in order? Is your plan sustainable and is your estate intact? Are you up to date on the ever-changing tax landscape? Talk with Winters Financial today, not only for withdrawal strategies, but to get the peace of mind you need for all the rest life has to offer.

Annual Campaigns

We like to keep in touch in creative ways. Every year, Winters Financial Group sends our clients custom mailers that present our financial planning services and areas of expertise with an unconventional twist. Here are a few of our annual executions:

<b>2023 Campaign</b>

2023 Campaign

Some things are just better together. What would salt be without pepper? Batman without Robin? Just like other balanced pairs, the combination of Rick’s veteran expertise and Nick’s on-the-pulse knowledge of the industry makes WFG an unstoppable force. This campaign highlights things that are great on their own, but amplified exponentially when working together—like a lock and a key!

<b>2022 Campaign</b>

2022 Campaign

Dogs are man’s best friend, but not all breeds are alike! Some like to sprint and herd while others snooze on the couch. Similarly, it’s great to consult a financial planner for your future, but not all firms are created equal. This campaign taps into the right advice for your situation, just like selecting the right breed of dog for your family makes all the difference in the world. WFG always tailors their advice to you.

<b>2021 Campaign</b>

2021 Campaign

Spice up your life with advice from Winters Financial Group! One spice doesn’t fit every dish—each has singular flavors, depth, and properties. Similarly, each WFG service provides a plethora of different, targeted benefits in your financial life. This campaign gives a “taste” of WFG services with every card—plus a Winters-branded spice packet and recipe card.

<b>2019 Campaign</b>

2019 Campaign

Winters Financial Group makes life more vibrant! Every color holds its own meaning and impact, much like each WFG service helps our clients in unique ways. This campaign represents our bold, bright approach of delivering personalized financial advice. Each card highlights one color—and makes the clear connection between the significance of that shade and the brilliant services of WFG.

<b>2018 Campaign</b>

2018 Campaign

Take a trip around the world with Winters Financial Group. We help get you where you want to go—no matter the destination. This thematic campaign represented the “global perspective” WFG takes for each client’s financial situation. We look at your bigger picture and use a personal, all-encompassing approach to multiple aspects of financial planning.

<b>2017 Campaign</b>

2017 Campaign

Life is a game we play. We take turns making important decisions and are ready for the experience and outcome of each new step we take. By likening financial decisions and professional planning to recognizable games, we brought levity to each financial service and made the process something fun and exciting with Winters Financial Group as your partner.

<b>2016 Campaign</b>

2016 Campaign

Finances can sometimes seem like a three-ring circus. When you first view a situation, it may seem risky or questionable. But when you step back and gain the right perspective, you can see a solid plan put in place. With Winters Financial Group by your side, each decision you make is backed by reliable, extensive support. This concept likened the life choices a client makes every day to daring feats.

<b>2015 Campaign</b>

2015 Campaign

For all you visual learners and figure enthusiasts: if you’re ready to weigh the facts and figures on financial planning, Winters Financial Group is ready to help crunch your numbers. Using infographics and applicable statistics, this mailer provided clients with insight as well as communicated WFG differentiators within the industry.