Annual Campaigns

We like to keep in touch in creative ways. Every year, Winters Financial Group sends our clients custom mailers that present our financial planning services and areas of expertise with an unconventional twist. Here are a few of our annual executions:

2018 Campaign

Take a trip around the world with Winters Financial Group. We help get you where you want to go—no matter the destination. This thematic campaign represented the “global perspective” WFG takes for each client’s financial situation. We look at your bigger picture and use a personal, all-encompassing approach to multiple aspects of financial planning.

2017 Campaign

Life is a game we play. We take turns making important decisions and are ready for the experience and outcome of each new step we take. By likening financial decisions and professional planning to recognizable games, we brought levity to each financial service and made the process something fun and exciting with Winters Financial Group as your partner.

2016 Campaign

Finances can sometimes seem like a three-ring circus. When you first view a situation, it may seem risky or questionable. But when you step back and gain the right perspective, you can see a solid plan put in place. With Winters Financial Group by your side, each decision you make is backed by reliable, extensive support. This concept likened the life choices a client makes every day to daring feats.

2015 Campaign

For all you visual learners and figure enthusiasts: if you’re ready to weigh the facts and figures on financial planning, Winters Financial Group is ready to help crunch your numbers. Using infographics and applicable statistics, this mailer provided clients with insight as well as communicated WFG differentiators within the industry.